What Makes Solar Panels Ineffective?

Posted By on Feb 9, 2020 |

solar panels ineffectiveSolar panels, just like many other electrical devices, are prone to damages. The faulty components, however, are easy to identify as a damaged solar power system will yield less energy. Repairing the solar panels can help solve the issue provided the repair is performed by a professional. Prior knowledge of commonly occurring panel damages can help better understand the problem. Here is a list of specific issues that may lead to the poor performance of solar panels:

1. Micro-cracks and hot spots: Cracks and hot spots can appear on the surface of the solar panel glass cell and may grow in size over time, affecting the working of the solar cells. The lamination and waterproofing, nevertheless, may remain in good condition. The cause of cracks could be anything from lousy handling to a drastic change in the climate.

2. PID Effect: Solar panels are subject to potential induced degradation (PID) that is triggered by voltage fluctuations caused by the faulty earthing system of the solar panel and voltage generated by the panel. The variation leads to varying percentages of discharged voltage in the primary circuit.

3. Loose Wiring: Unexpected power generation issues could pop up due to loose wiring in the solar panels. The entire solar power system is connected via wires. A wire performance check can help identify the issue.

4. Inner Module Damage: Any internal damage can lead to the faulty working of the solar panels. The inner damage may cause discoloration of solar cells, yellowing of the sheets placed at the back, PV cell staining, browning of EVA films, burning out of the back or front of the solar modules, and more. An expert can examine and tell if there is any internal module damage leading to the poor performance of the solar panel system.

Those mentioned above are some of the most common issues that may lead to the ineffective working of the solar panel system. Learn how to choose a solar company and let an expert examine and tell the issue as well as repair the panels without having to replace the panels altogether.