Sun Tunnels for Your Home

Posted By on Mar 13, 2018 |

Do you enjoy sitting under the natural light? How about if you could have a natural light window at your home?Sun Tunnels for Your Home Sun tunnels are fantastic natural light windows. The purpose of these tunnels is to direct sunlight from the roof to a windowless room.

The sun tunnels are installed on a pitched roof. There are two main types of tunnels – rigid and flexible. The rigid sun tunnel directly bounces the sunlight to the room and offers a 20m of effective light distribution. The sunlight distribution of a flexible sun tunnel is comparatively low. It offers a 6m of effective light distribution. The rigid sun tunnel works well for a large room while the flexible tunnel is a great fit for a small room.

Many American families are opting the sun tunnels for their home to save electricity bills. You can have as many tunnels installed as required. In fact, the more tunnels installed the better sunlight exposure would be. The installation process of sun tunnels is quite easy and it comes in three steps.

Step 1: Decide the type and the size of a tunnel you would like to have installed in your home. You may need a tunnel with a bigger diameter to fill in a large room with adequate sunlight. Although there is no limit to the number of sun tunnels for installation, the size does matter. A small room with a sun tunnel of a large diameter may heat up a room. So, decide wisely on the size of the tunnel.
Step 2: After deciding on the type of tunnel you would like to have at your home. You need to position it. The tunnel should be facing the south for maximum sun exposure. Besides, the tunnel should be installed at the apex of the roof, again, for maximum sunlight exposure.
Step 3: Hire a contractor to get you the tunnel fixed. The contractor should be someone with knowledge of roofing and basic construction. Ensure that the installed tunnel is leak-proof to prevent the interior of the house from getting drenched when it rains outside.

Sun tunnels are a great way to naturally illuminate a house. If you have a room that is dark or has humidity issues, try installing a sun tunnel.

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