Sun Tunnels for Your Home

Posted By on Nov 8, 2018 |

Sun TunnelsBecause it doesn’t have any solar panels on it, many assume that solar contractors don’t work on sun tunnels. Truth be told, solar companies are the best people to call when you need sun tunnels for your home. This solar product is not only a beautiful feature, but it can also help greatly for you to reduce your energy bills.

Sun tunnels are classified as solar products because its function relies mainly on sunlight. Unlike skylights or transparent roofs and windows you can place in your home, sun tunnels are a little more complicated. It can get natural light into your home even in hard to reach areas.

There are tubes connected to the opening on your roof for the sun tunnels, hence the name sun “tunnel”. These tubes have reflective materials on its side and must be strategically positioned in a way that you can get plenty of natural light indoors. Even if you want natural light to get into darker rooms in the first floor of your two-storey home, this is possible with expert installation of sun tunnels.

It is very important for you to reach out to experts when installing these features. A portion of your roof may have to be opened in order to install a sun tunnel. When done unprofessionally, you may end up damaging your roof or have air and water leaks. Furthermore, the proper placement of the reflective tubes requires expertise for the sun tunnels to be effective. Ask your local solar contractor about solar tunnels for your home today.

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