Solar Panel Repair: Shattered Glass on Solar Panel

Posted By on May 22, 2018 |

Solar Panel RepairSolar panels are ideally made from very durable and high quality materials. Since these are placed outdoors where the sun can shine its brightest on them, these are exposed to changing weather conditions, dust, pollution, and more. While these panels are extremely sturdy and meant to last for a couple of decades or even more, these are not indestructible.

For instance, if your solar panels are placed on the roof of your home or in your backyard, and a weak branch from a tree falls on it during a storm, the glass that protects the solar cells may shatter. In this case, repairing the solar panel is necessary.

The solar panel itself may still continue to work, but it may not be as efficient as it used to be. Delaying repairs may cause the solar cells to disintegrate and be totally destroyed.

The glass on top of the solar panel is there for a reason – it protects the solar cells and the mechanism underneath from moisture, dust and other foreign objects. When you leave it shattered and broken just because the panels still work anyway, you can expect further damage to happen, which of course will incur even larger costs for repairs. Even worse, when the panels are beyond repair, you would have to replace them.

Some owners opt to resell the broken panels for a fraction of its original price so they can use the funds to buy a new one instead. There are others who choose to repair the broken solar panel. There are plenty of resources of information on how to DIY repairs but it is always ideal to call your solar contractor, especially if the panels are still under warranty. Making changes on the panels on your own, including repairs, may void the warranty if done without the contractor’s knowledge.

A solar contractor wouldn’t only know the proper way to repair your solar panels, they would most likely give you additional warranty coverage on the newly repaired panel. Furthermore, dealing with broken glass can be quite risky. It may be a risk to your safety or if handled improperly, it may cause damage to the solar cells underneath it.

If you encounter problems like shattered glass on your solar panels, reach out to a reliable solar contractor so that you can be offered the best solution.

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