Solar Panel Cleaning Tips

Posted By on Nov 9, 2019 |

Solar Panel Cleaning TipsDepending on the capacity of your solar PV system, the energy produced by solar panels may be able to provide enough power to most homes entirely. Families have shifted to solar panels replacing the traditional utility source as they try and ditch the expensive energy rates. If you are also planning to the advantage of the solar energy system, then it is vital to learn how to keep the solar panels clean for sound energy output for your house and business.

A dirty solar panel may cause a loss of 50% of the total energy produced by the effective solar energy system. Here are the top four tips to keep the solar panel clean:

1. Have the panels installed at an angle to prevent the dirt from sitting on it. This is a simple tip will also double the energy production of the panel.

2. Get the panels cleaned or serviced at least once a year for professional cleaning. The professionals can also suggest ways to maximize the utilization of solar panels and reap great benefits.

3. Look for automatic cleaning devices specially designed for solar energy systems for keeping the panel clean.

4. You can also do it yourself if you do have the right knowledge and experience in maintaining the panel clean. You may also call a friend to help you. But be careful as any damage to the panel may be very expensive to repair.

These simple tips can save you money on utility bills, and you can also maximize the effectiveness of the solar panel systems installed at home.

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