Why Do You Need a Solar Battery?

Posted By on Aug 26, 2019 |

Solar BatteryIf you already have a solar panel installation on your property, your solar contractor must have informed you about a solar battery system. It is an optional solar product you can add to your current solar PV installation. Yes, it is an optional product, which means that your solar panel system can still function without it. However, do you need a solar battery for your property? What benefits could you get from it?

A solar battery, as its name suggests, is a storage system for your solar panel installation. Depending on the capacity of your solar system, you can have too much solar power generated by your panels compared to the amount of power your household requires. When your solar panels generate too much power, the excess power either goes back to the grid or simply remains unused. With a solar battery backup, the power can be stored for later use.

Here are some situations that could serve as examples: In case of a power outage, your solar panel system won’t give you power for your home unless you have a solar battery that stored the power. It is the same thing when it comes to cloudy and rainy days and also at night. As soon as the sun sets, your solar panels stop absorbing power from the sun. When you have stored energy on a solar battery, you can still save energy costs by using solar power that you have stored.

Ask your local solar contractor about getting a solar battery backup for your home. It is definitely worth every dollar!

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