How Solar Pool Heating Works

Posted By on Jan 22, 2020 |

How Solar Pool Heating WorksSolar pool heating is one of the best ways to heat your swimming pool during cooler months. It really does not matter if you live in a cold area or a warm climate, most locations experience cold weather at some time during the year. With  a properly installed solar pool heater you can enjoy more time in your swimming pool during colder months.

The way solar pool heating works is a pump rotates the pool water through panels on the roof that are warmed by the sun. These panels are very effective at heating the water that passes through these panels. It is one of the most affordable ways to heat pool water. It is also very low maintenance and you really do not need to monitor the process for it to be effective. About the only thing that can create a problem with the system is adverse weather that might damage the hardware. Otherwise, these systems will run for decades with little or no maintenance. You just need to find a solar company like Wayne’s Solar to install the system, and the rest will take care of itself.

There are a number of solar pool heating companies around the United States, and around the world. It is best to inquire and make sure they have good reviews and do good work. As long as these things check out, you will not have any problems with your solar pool heating system. You might want to do occasional checks to ensure the piping in the panels are intact, and do not appear to have any problems. You will also want to make sure that your pool is working effectively, as this is important for your system to work effectively. If your pump is not working at peak efficiency, then your pool will not heal properly.

Here are some of the benefits of solar pool heating systems:

  • Low cost
  • Low maintentnance
  • Durable
  • Quiet
  • Effective at warming your swimming pool

The alternative to a solar pool heating system in most cases is an electric pool heater. These heaters work very quickly in heating your pool, but are very expensive to operate. This is why most people opt for a solar system, which has good heating benefits at a fraction of the cost. For most families on a budget, solar is always going to be the best bet!

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