Ensuring Safety With Solar Street Light

Posted By on Apr 14, 2018 |

For you making a shift to solar street light from the conventional utility might be a big step toward conserving the Solar Street Light WiFi Cameraenvironment. But what about the security cameras, how are you going to power them? You may have played your biggest role in saving the environment, but what about staying protected against the trespassers?

Not many are aware that just like solar street lights there are solar cameras that can help you stay safe in your home. They are not just solar cameras. In fact, they are solar powered WiFi cameras. This means that the camera can operate on the solar power and record and share the video or happening with you through a WiFi connection.

The solar-powered WiFi cameras work 24X7 hours and have proved helpful in decreasing crime rates in some areas. The solar-powered WiFi often comes preinstalled with solar street light. The solar camera draws power from the battery system of solar street light to operate. The sunlight is trapped by the solar panel of the street light and powered in converted and stored in the batter. The energy thus stored in the battery is enough to power the camera for 24X7 hours and the street light that often operate at night.

The camera can capture images and videos without any need of wiring and can share the same with you through the internet connection. The technique allows you to watch the area anywhere and anytime on your smartphone or laptop. You can also command the camera to record the video and images on the SD card or in the cloud storage.

Check out the below video to know how solar-powered WiFi camera works in the street light.

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